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How to Get the Most Out of is divided into 4 main sections:

  1. Search Options
  2. Reference Desk
  3. Conditions & Diseases
  4. Local Directory

A. Search Options

1. Web: Our Web search option is the first place our visitors go to find authoritative, consumer-oriented health and medical information. Powered by's Medically Guided Search™ user experience is enhanced through a consumer health taxonomy that encompasses nearly one million medical terms and synonyms that translates everyday language and precisely matches it to complex medical information.

2. News: Our health and medical news search option can keep you on top of the news & medical discoveries reported from around the world. With the power of Google Custom Search, we present the news you need to know from the top 25 sources.

3. Images: New Medical Image Search Engine. Search for medical images only via our index of 150,000 images from more than 100 sources. Read about it more from LibrarianInBlack

4. Forums: Discover what other patients, caregivers and health professionals are discussing about the conditions, diseases and treatments that concern you most. Communicating with others about the progress and mutual support you all share may be one of the most underestimated aspects of your recovery. Increase your circle of friends and lift your spirits by using this often overlooked search tool that queries over 120 different health and medical forums.

5. MedPro: As it's name suggests, our Google powered MedPro option is for Medical Professionals, as well as patients and caregivers who want to go a little deeper in their research. The resources programmed into this search tool are comprised of medical professional, peer level resources which include: Pubmed, National Institute of Health, Centers for Disease Control,,, FDA, Merck, Ovid, Intute,, Journal Watch,,,,, and

6. Shopping: Not pictured above. When you shop and compare prices on health and medical products, you can save money. Sometimes, up to 50 percent. In these recessionary times and high medical costs, it makes sense to comparison shop and save.

B. Reference Desk:

Our Reference Desk section was designed and assembled to help the consumer-researcher and medical professional access highly useful tools and hard to find resources.

Acronym Search: Since many health and medical articles contain acronyms (words formed from the first letter a multi-word name), we have included an Acronym Search box powered by Medilexicon. With the first search box, you can just type in the acronym or abbreviation in question (ie - APHA) and press Go. The second box allows you to type in keywords and returns a list of all possibile abbreviations.

Medical Associations: When researching a condition or disease, sometimes it's good to get information directly from the horse's mouth, as the old saying goes. Our recently updated Medical Association directory features more then 230 medical academies, associations, organizations, foundations, and societies from the United States, and in some cases, Britain, Canada and Australia and reaches across 112 different categories. Associations are categorized by an alphabetical/subject combination.

Searchable Databases: Although we incorporate many of these sources in our Web, News, and MedPro search results, we've compiled this serendipitous list of searchable databases to provide you with direct access to these authoritative health and medical information sources.

Dictionary: This search box powered by OneLook searches an amazing 1,065 different online dictionaries at once and guarantees you'll never be in doubt to a word's exact meaning ever again.

Health and Medical Forum Directory: When facing a health crisis, patients and caregivers often look to others for support and encouragement. They want to connect with people under similar circumstances and become part of a community that advances each other's goals, and prevents mistakes. OMS users can now achieve these goals with the help of our health and medical forum directory which assembles more than 120 great chat rooms and forums all together in one place. Includes 58 general and specific subject forums.

Medical Journals: Medical Journals are the one place doctors, students, researchers and other medical professionals go to keep up to date on the latest breakthroughs in medical research. With our medical journal mini-directory, we've compiled approximately 250 links to medical journal websites in 55 categories. You can search for any journal by subject.

Medical Image Directory: You can read a 1,000 word article on myocardial infarctions (heart attacks) and yet, nothing puts it all together in your mind like a good illustration. Filled with links to websites offering 3D, color coded, animated, microscopic and video illustrations, our collection of 40 links to the top medical image collections in the world. This is your gateway to literally tens of thousands of different pictures that are worth more than a 1,000 words. You can also try our easy to use Medical Image Search Engine which has recently been released.

C. Conditions & Diseases

Although there are many good resources on the internet for information about various conditions and diseases, many of those sources don't put all the information together in the best possible way that makes it easy for consumers to understand. With the goal of putting it all together in an easy to understand format, has slowly been releasing informative articles on the most common Conditions and Diseases. OMS currently offers 400 subject specific articles under 8 different categories.

D. Local Directory

Doctor Directory: Our multi-speciality doctor directory helps users find specialist doctors, clinics and professionals in their area in the United States and Canada for listed categories. offers this medical practice location information for convenience purposes only and assumes no responsibility for the firms listed in this directory.


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